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Registered Nurses’ Foundation Of Ontario (RNFOO) AWARDS: This year there are more than 60 awards available, with a total value of more than $90,000. Applications will open on December 15th and close on January 23rd. Details of the 2017 RNFOO awards can be found here:
SCHOOL OF NURSING AWARDS: There are a number of awards available for nursing students in all sites, levels and streams of the McMaster BScN program. Nominations are currently being requested for the summer and fall 2016 terms. A request for nominations will also occur in April 2017 at the end of the winter term. The list of awards and the submission of self or peer nominations for awards can be found at : Any self or peer nominations must be accompanied by faculty endorsement through the same online process, please make sure you have consulted the tutor prior to submitted the nomination.
If you experience any problems with the nomination process, or have questions, please email your awards representative from the appropriate site (Andrea Miller (, Cynthia Hammond (,Lynn Martin (
Stay tuned for MUNSS AWARDS applications in the winter term!
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