CNSA National Nursing Student Week

Next week is CNSA’s National Nursing Student Week! This year the theme is “Nursing the Mind”.
Your Conestoga MUNSS reps and yellow suits will have a booth set-up from 9-5 in the agora of the F wing on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and in the E wing foyer on Wednesday. We’ll be providing free coffee and tea, and a chance to enter a draw for some useful prizes. Bring your coffee change anyways though because we will be fundraising for the Canadian Mental Health Association. We will also be offering the opportunity to have your picture posted with a statement about being a student nurse and/or how you incorporate self-care into your routine. Our instagram page is @macnursing.NNSW.
On Monday at 5:00 pm in room 2F26 we will be hosting Jane Hamilton Wilson as a guest speaker. She is a mental health nurse and Conestoga professor who has been developing a mental health and anti-stigma program. Jane is a wonderful speaker with oodles of knowledge to share with us. Come get all fuelled up on coffee during the day so you have the energy to participate in her talk!
When you stop by, don’t forget to ask us about CNSA’s National Conference and about the benefits of joining the RNAO as a student!
Have a safe and productive weekend. We’ll see you all next week!