CNSA Associate Delegate (AD)


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CNSA Associate Delegate


Why did you decide to join MUNSS?
I decided to join MUNSS to give back to the nursing community here at Mac!

What are some goals this year regarding you MUNSS role?

I hope to engage and connect students with the RNAO. The RNAO
provides tons of resources and supports to students, and I hope to share
these with fellow students.

What advice do you have for you fellow nursing students?

Remember to make time for yourself. Every once in a while, you just
need to stop, breathe, and do something you love.

What is your favourite hobby?

Music! I’ve been in different concert bands for 8 years now and play
a whole variety of instruments. Check out the concert band here at
Mac! 🙂


If you would like to contact our CNSA AD, please email them at!