Eligible canditates and positions – GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!

Hello nursing students!

The voting period for this Fall’s MUNSS Executive Elections is just around the corner. Please see below for the list of eligible canditates and the positions for which they are campaigning.

Level 1 Representative – McMaster Site (x2)
o Sophie St. Pierre
o Tarrah Martin
o Sarosh Karma
o Lois Chui
o Malikah Ebrahim

Level 1 Representative – Mohawk Site (x2)
o Rhiannon Hopkins
o Sophie Lapierre-Green
o Tommee Sasinouan

VP Mohawk (x1)
o Emily Kowalczyk
o Megan Bros
o Matthew Veldman

Keep posted for an email to your McMaster email account this week for details on the voting process.
Please direct any questions to Chris and Laura at education@munss.ca!”

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Wituik!!!!!!