Your MUNSS Executive has been working hard for the past month at planning and organizing events. Here are the events that are coming your way very soon and their details!
Open Mic Coffeehouse @ Bridges, organized by social chairs: Tuesday Oct 18 at 8 pm
RNAO Membership Recruitment Day @ Conestoga in Fwing Agora, organized by conestoga RNAO rep: Wednesday Oct 19 at 1 pm
McMaster & Mohawk A&P Midterm Review in HSC1A3, organized by level 1 mac/moh reps: Thursday Oct 20 at 9:30 am
Conestoga A&P Midterm Review in 1E05, organized by level 1 conestoga reps: Friday Oct 21 at 2pm
Dodgeball Night @Smith gym, organized by social chairs: Friday Oct 21 at 6 pm
Conestoga Halloween Movie Night in 3F09, organized by level 2 conestoga reps: Tuesday Oct 25 at 7pm
Halloween Night Walk @ Cootes, organized by mac/moh level 1 reps: Friday Oct 28 at 7:30 pm (meet up at hedden)
Halloween Fearfarm in Kitchener, organized by social and Level 3 Conestoga reps: Friday Oct 28 at 6:30 pm
Cootes Hike & Altitude Bonfire with Nursing, HealthSci & Kin, organized by social chairs in collaboration with healthsci and kin: Monday Nov 7 at 5 pm (meet up at altitude)
RNAO Student Best Practice Champions Workshop in HSC2J13, organized by RNAO Hamilton Chapter in collaboration with McMaster SON and MUNSS: Nov 12 at 0900 (Register at:
Attached are the posters for each of the events for more info!
Save the dates and make sure to come out to as many events as you can, we look forward to seeing you there! 🙂
level-1-conestoga-anatomy-review-poster-1 level-1-mac-moh-anatomy-review level-2-halloween-movie-night-oct-25 level1-halloween-night-oct-28 rnao-bpg-workshop-nov-11 rnao-recruitment-oct-19 social-and-l3-fear-farm-oct-28 social-coffeehouse-oct-18 social-dodgeball-oct-21 social-kin-hike-and-bonfire-nov-7