Executive Assistant


Level II Basic Stream – Conestoga Site



Why did you decide to join MUNSS?

I love being in this program and connecting with my fellow nursing students over our shared joys and challenges! I joined MUNSS in my first year and was eager to return in a new role to continue my involvement!

What are some goals this year regarding your MUNSS role?

I really want to get to know the people I’m working with so that I can best
adapt my role to support everyone. I would also love to utilize and
integrate my creative and organizational attributes.

What advice do you have for your fellow nursing students?

Listen to yourself so that you don’t burn out. And don’t be afraid to reach
out to other people and build connections!

Fun Fact?

I’ve seen two sunsets within one day on opposite sides of the world!


Thank you Kassiani! If you would like to get in contact with Kassiani, you may email her at executive.assistant@munss.ca