Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the non-academic requirements I need to complete?

A package should have been emailed or mailed to you in July outlining all the requirements you need. Here are some of the key ones; if you are unable to complete the requirements by the deadline date, contact your practicum services and they will try to help you out.

Vulnerable Sector Police Check

Must be completed no more than 3 months prior to start date (June-July) and can take up to 12 weeks to complete, so start as soon as possible


2-Step TB Test

If you have not previously had a TB test, you will need to take a 2-step TB test (If you have, only the 1 step TB Test is needed). This process can take up to 6 weeks.


HCP (Health Care Provider) CPR Must be completed no earlier than 3 months prior to program start, and certification has to occur every year.

Some sites have different requirements, so contact the practicum services or refer to your package for site-specific requirements. For more information:

Mohawk site students, here is the link to your Paramed requirements:

If a problem occurs and you are not able to get your requirements completed by the deadline, contact your site’s practicum services and they will work through it with you. They are very understanding with most situations.

Do Co-Mac or Mo-Mac students need to get a Mac Student ID card?

Yes, you will need this card to write your exams, attend McMaster Nursing Events (Nursing formal, etc.) and to complete your OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).

To get your student ID, upload a passport type photo (head shot) in Mosaic Student Centre>Personal Information>Demographics. Once you have completed your enrolment, your ID card will be produced. It will then be mailed to you:

What do I need for first year?

Other than the required textbooks, you will also need:

McMaster B.Sc.N  Scrubs

Can be bought at the bookstore; they are specific, so make sure you are getting the right ones

Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

Can be purchased in the bookstore or online.

Lab Coat

Will be needed for anatomy labs; wearing your scrubs during labs is another option though


This can be purchased in the bookstore, you will need it for participation marks in both Anatomy and Biochemistry in first year

Name / ID Badge

This is a yellow badge you will purchase from the bookstore. You must wear this with your scrubs during clinical


You do not need to buy every textbook on the textbook list. The main textbooks you will use in first year are: Anatomy, Fundamentals of Nursing, Jarvis, and Psych.

Wait until classes start to buy your textbooks because most of the time you will only use them for 1-2 chapters and most textbooks are available in the library.

If you want to buy every required textbook, feel free too. You can also purchase your textbooks from upper year students or as used books online or in the bookstore for a smaller cost.