Global Surgery Conference Invitation

Hello McMaster Nursing students,

We are proud to invite you to the Fifth Edition of the Centre for Global Surgery Conference!

The conference will take place on May 14th 2016 in the Livingston Hall of the Montreal General Hospital.
The Keynote speaker is Dr. Ray Price, from University of Utah. A complete list of speakers is available on our website.

This event is a student initiative in collaboration with directors of Centre for Global Surgery Dr. Tarek Razek and Dr. Dan Deckelbaum. The purpose of this day-long conference is to expose students and health professionals to various experiences and opportunities in the field of surgical global health. It aims to promote networking and to strengthen the global surgery community.

The conference will feature presentations from various practitioners of surgical global health. An animated debate among a panel of experts will conclude the conference and provide experts and students with an opportunity to exchange ideas. Further discussion and networking will take place during the post-conference reception.

For more information and registration, please consult our website.

Attached, you will find the official poster of the event.

Conference for Nursing Students Poster

Thank you