Healthcare Coverage Rally

Hey everyone!
A few medical students are organizing a rally on Tuesday, June 28 in support of expanding healthcare coverage to all residents of Ontario, regardless of citizenship status.
Our organization, OHIP for All, is concerned that over 200,000 people in Ontario are being denied health coverage due to their immigration status. Many Ontario residents have been denied care, have been asked for thousands of dollars upfront for healthcare, or have foregone healthcare altogether when they needed it. We are asking the Government of Ontario to end the OHIP three month waiting period for new immigrants and temporary foreign workers, and expand access to healthcare to residents of Ontario who are being denied coverage.
If you’re in Hamilton on June 28th from 12 noon-1 pm, please consider coming to our rally at Hamilton City Hall! You can view our Hamilton rally event page here – If you’ll be in Toronto that day, also consider coming out to our Toronto Rally. You can also check out OHIP For All’s Facebook page ( for more information.
If you’re interested in attending, or if you’re interested in helping out with our organization, please email!
Thanks, and have an awesome summer!