Join a PhD Student for the exploration of the Hypothesis and receive $20

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Attention: Level 1 & Level 2 Nursing Students


Participate in a Nursing Research Study and receive $20.

You will be asked to participate in a study session (maximum 2 hours) in which you will complete a series of creative activities (e.g., look at pictures, draw, etc.). You will receive $20 for your participation.

Please contact PhD student Noeman Mirza at if you are interested in participating or if you like more information. You are encouraged to sign up with your friends to make it more fun. Dates and times for the study session will be set based on your preference and room availability.

You are eligible to participate if you:

  • Are in Level 1 or 2 of the 4-year BScN program
  • Entered the BScN program straight from High School

You are not eligible to participate if you are:

  • A transfer student
  • In the accelerated stream
  • In the RPN-to-BScN stream