Kassi Tzoganakis

Tatiana Gajcevic

Sandra Ghobrial | McMaster Site

Why did you decide to join MUNSS?

Kassi: I decided to join MUNSS because I have been so excited to start my university career in nursing, and I see MUNSS as a great way to make connections firstly with other enthusiastic students, but also within the department as a whole. I think it’s super important to foster a sense of community and support, especially in a program that can feel as overwhelming and demanding at times as nursing does. So I think this is a great opportunity for me to creatively contribute and collaborate as a team player, but also to be there to support my fellow students! 4 years seems like a long time, but we’re all in this together!

Tatiana: We decided to join MUNSS because we wanted to get involved with the nursing community. Nursing is a small faculty and we wanted be a part of the group that brings us all together both academically and socially. We love getting to know new people and want to help make a difference especially in the lives of first years nurses.

Sandra: I decided to join MUNSS because I wanted to be able to take my nursing experience to the next step and become more involved with my McMaster nursing family! I am very passionate about nursing and would love to highlight the great aspects of nursing through MUNSS.

What are some goals this year regarding your MUNSS role (i.e. plans, events, changes you want to make, etc.)?

This year our main goal is to help first years feel like they belong and are well prepared for the exams. We plan on having a few social events and running review sessions. We are also very excited about Relay for Life and are looking forward to having a successful nursing Relay Team!

We’d love to contribute to making first year a memorable one that will help students feel connected, confident, and excited for the years to follow.

What advice do you have for your fellow nursing students?

Self care is important! You can’t pour from an empty cup; please take time for your health and well-being! Try not to be too hard on yourself for what you think you should accomplish, and just try to accomplish what you realistically can at one given time. Balance is important for overall wellness. Looking forward to meeting more of you. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

A fun fact about yourself, or the craziest thing you’ve ever done!

Kassi: I’ve seen two sunsets within one day on opposite sides of the world!

Tatiana: I have been whitewater rafting!

Sandra: I am probably the biggest doggie person you can meet.


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