MacPherson Institute Study About Student-Faculty Academic Partnership

Academic guides or academic partners?

Are you a current undergraduate or graduate student at McMaster? If so, our research team would love to hear about your understandings and experiences of student-faculty academic partnership (e.g., collaborations between students and faculty on research, course design, instruction, or other academic endeavours).

You’re invited to complete a 10-15 minute survey that will ask about your perceptions of student-faculty academic partnership. At the end of the survey, you’ll also be invited to take part in a follow up focus group discussion. You can complete the survey without agreeing to take part in a focus group. If you do choose to take part in a focus group, WE’LL PROVIDE YOU WITH A $10 GIFT CARD AND SOME LIGHT REFRESHMENTS IN RECOGNITION OF YOUR TIME.

Please read the letter of information [1] for further detail about the study. If you are interested in participating, you can access THE SURVEY HERE [2] until February 17, 2017.