Why did you decide to join MUNSS?

I joined MUNSS in level 1 and have been hooked ever since. When I first met and heard from the MUNSS reps at my Conestoga orientation, I was inspired to get involved and advocate for my fellow nursing students. Hearing about the different initiatives that MUNSS created for students and how they truly advocated for a school-work-life balance among our students is something that I have always been passionate about, before and during my undergraduate journey. MUNSS creates a connection between the three sites, and facilitates a platform for students to have a voice in their education, while at the same time integrating social activities to strengthen and further that connection. The McMaster-Mohawk-Conestoga tri-site collaborative program has a genuine sense of family and pride running though it, and MUNSS solidifies that experience through education, advocacy and inclusion.

What are some goals this year regarding your MUNSS role?

Being that this is my last year in the program and on MUNSS, and give that it is MUNSS’ 70th anniversary, I really want to make an impact on the current students, as well as future incoming McMaster Nursing students! Becoming an RNAO chapter school would create incredible networking and educational opportunities for our students, preparing them even more their careers and allowing them greater opportunity to see what career options are available to them as nurses. Continuing with the social media initiatives and really getting more and more students involved in constructive feedback is another goal of mine and would be a great way to strengthen the relationship between students and faculty while providing students a greater platform to be involved! Hosting the annual Nursing Games is also on MUNSS’ bucket list along with a number of other incredible student geared initiatives that will increase student engagement! Working with the amazing executive team we have this year coupled with the support of our faculty and student body, I think 2019-2020 could be amazing!

What advice do you have for your fellow nursing students?

Four years goes by in a blink of an eye. It’s amazing and scary to think about all the information I have learned – and some of which I have forgotten – in that time. Being in 4th year, I sometimes (all the time) doubt myself; what I know, what I can do and how I could possibly help someone else when I feel lost myself. One thing I have held onto as I have succeeded and struggled is that a patient will not likely remember the treatment or medications you provided them, they will remember how you made them feel. This program can be challenging at times, but one thing I urge my fellow nursing students to remember is why they entered into this program in the first place. You are each an incredible and knowledgeable nurse in your own right – own that and use it to be the best nurse you can. Always keep growing and never stop learning.

A fun fact about yourself, or the craziest thing youve ever done!

I can probably sing every word to every Shania Twain song ever!


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