Social Determinants of Health speaker Series – Cathy Crowe

Hello EveryoneMUNSS would like to present the Social Determinants of Health speaker Series. It is starting with Cathy Crowe which is a proudly known street nurse that has worked in a number of areas in community health. Her work has included
‘taking the pulse’ of health issues affecting low-income people
including shelter conditions and inadequate housing, the return
of tuberculosis and bedbugs, discrimination and a high
mortality rate. She has fostered numerous coalitions and
advocacy initiatives that have achieved significant public policy
victories including the 1998 Disaster Declaration that resulted in
a new federal program to respond to homelessness.

Come enjoy the words of Cathy Crowe and a clip of Home Safe
Hamilton – a national documentary film and community
development project produced by Cathy on homeless families
and children, with filmmaker Laura Sky.

This Event will be held on Wednesday October 15th from 7-8:30pm in MUNC 1A6

For more information/Questions/Concerns contact:
Chris Wituik, Laura Hidvary, or Farida Mamoukhova
MUNSS Education Co-Chairs