UWorld Subscriptions Update

Dear UWORLD Purchasers, Please understand that the Level IV Representatives have been working tirelessly over our holiday break to ensure that you will receive your UWORLD memberships. Due to the CAD/USD exchange rate going up between the time of purchase and the time which UWORLD has received the cheque, there are insufficient funds to make the bulk purchase. Your Level IV McMaster University Nursing Student Society Representatives are personally taking care of that matter and see to it that you do not need to pay additional funds in order to receive your discounted subscription. In other words, MUNSS will be covering a portion of your payment. UWORLD has all your names and emails and our initial cheque sent to them. They have begun to process the 90 day subscription list to which your activation codes should be sent out within the next 72 hours. The 180 day subscription list will be delayed in receiving the activation code until UWORLD receives the completed payment. In order for this to be done fast, it requires multiple members of Level IV MUNSS to directly wire the payment to UWORLD headquarters in Texas. We have this scheduled for tomorrow, January 2nd, and will update you as needed. We appreciate your patience with this matter as we have set up a discounted membership for you all and are covering some costs. For any further questions please send an email to level4@munss.ca. We promise to respond in a more timely manner – just as you all had holidays, we did as well and will be more punctual with our replies.

Kind Regards,

Level IV Representatives

McMaster University Nursing Students Society