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Please read on for information about McMaster Nursing Awards:

  1. BScN program awards: https://nursing.mcmaster.ca/current/bscn-awards
    1. These are McMaster’s official awards offered to McMaster, Mohawk, and Conestoga students. There are awards for each site, each stream, each level, and some that are just free for all.
    2. Once you apply for all the awards you’re eligible for via stream/level/site, click on External Resources. There are several organizations with awards that you can apply for, like the RNFOO, CNF, CNSA, ONA, etc
  2. MUNSS: https://munss.ca/awards
      1. You’re already at this link, read the information below for details on applying (application cycle is now closed)
  3.  Nursing Leadership awards (Now Closed) See Grace-SentraFontes-and-Alumni-2019-announcement for details. (Deadline was 8 March 2019)

MUNSS Award applications are CLOSED for the 2018-2019 year! The award winners for this year have already been notified.

Good news everyone! Award applications for 2019-2020 will open up sometime during the upcoming fall term.

If you are interested in being recognized for your contributions and achievements within the nursing and general community, be sure to apply for these four MUNSS awards! Students from all levels, sites, and streams can apply. (With the exception of the “Level 4 Student of Distinction Award” which is only for Level IV students).

The four MUNSS awards that you can apply for are:

1. MUNSS Leadership in Nursing Award ($500)

2. MUNSS Community Advocacy and Service Award ($500)

3. MUNSS Level 4 Student of Distinction Award ($500)

4. MUNSS Unsung Hero Award ($500)

The deadline for submitting your applications was 14 February 2019. If you have any questions, or wish to submit an application for an award, please email: awards@munss.ca
The winners of these awards were selected in late February, and invited to the BScN program awards ceremony on March 6th; We have already informed the winners!

The applications can be found at each of the following links. Completed applications to be sent to awards@munss.ca

Leadership in Nursing Award

Community Advocacy and Service Award

Level 4 Student of Distinction Award

Unsung Hero Award

Thank you for reading, and remember, when it comes to applying for awards: Be ferocious, be relentless, and you will either succeed or become really good at writing personal statements.

I wish you good fortune in the applications to come,

Senura Jayatunge, Awards and Scholarships Chair